A career coach partners with you in a thought-provoking process that inspires you to develop yourself professionally to maximize your potential. Coaches see you as resourceful and capable and believe you are the expert in your life and work.

Coaching in general is a solution-oriented approach, helping clients to self-explore and create solid action plans to determine what concrete steps they can take to achieve their goals. 

The ultimate objective in career coaching is to support clients in setting career goals and making informed decisions about their future. A career coach can also offer expert knowledge in resources such as resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn, to help meet those goals.  Many clients express frustration with or are quite unsure of how to explore potential careers and/or conduct an effective job search.


  • Are you struggling to figure out what is your career calling?
  • Are you a recent grad who never took the time to truly figure out what it is you want to do?
  • Do you feel stuck in your career and unsure where to even begin?
  • Do you hate your job but you are not quite sure why?
  • Are you unsure how to conduct an effective job search?
  • Do you find it challenging to articulate your key skills or why someone should hire you?
  • Do you feel you would benefit from a resume review or someone to do your resume/cover letter for you?
  • Do you get really nervous about interviewing or networking?


  • Career Assessment and Interpretation
  • Selecting a Major/Career or Making a Transition
  • Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • Designing a Job Search Strategy
  • Mock Interviewing
  • Delivering Career-related Workshops